if money was no object...

with the upcoming move (and needing to outfit the new apartment with a few new pieces, etc.) and some potential travel back east this fall (during which i will likely want to do some shopping, natch!), i'm thinking that putting the kibosh on most spending for some time to come is probably the best course of action for me at the momento.
but that doesn't stop me from looking or coveting, right? nah...i suppose i'll always be looking! doesn't cost anything unless one crosses the bridge into actual buying, right?
so, keeping in mind the description of my crazy aesthetic sense in my recent missal, if money was no object...i'd certainly go for thus:


i've been wearing my classic gold elgin watch for several years now. ok, i LOVE gold, and i LOVE my elgin watch, but now i am kind of wishing for a watch that's a bit more on the sporty/colorful/chunky side. i quite like these two futuristic looking styles shown below, in my favorite color, orange!



the top one is the vega watch by nixon (via amazon.com), and the bottom is the zub 20 zot watch by matthew waldman (via momastore.org).


san francisco can be a cold, windy, beastly place for much of the year. one MUST dress in layers, or you basically risk freezing. and somehow, my wardrobe is mostly bereft of thin, fitted sweatshirts and sweaters, which are actually just the thing when one needs to layer up but not look like the michelin man. i think this lightweight cashmere hoodie (or one like it) from j. crew would begin to solve my (lack of) hoodies/light sweaters problem:


maybe i've said this before (or meant to), but i actually really LOVE j. crew. they make classic pieces in bright colors, in nice quality fabrics, with nice finishes for a decent price point. their clothes may be marketed in a very preppy, new england sort of way, but almost anything they make could just as easily be styled to compliment many an individual's idiosyncratic sartorial expression. for example: the hoodie pictured above could just as easily been worn (my way!) with a barrage of contrasting, colorful vintage or handmade fabric pins splattered across one side of the shoulder/bust area, emerald green high waisted, wide-legged jeans (man, if those existed, they would be HOT!), and red woven leather vintage heels. or it could be popped over a simple, subtly patterned or solid colored structured shift, and worn with ballet flats, for someone who's a bit more conservative. and on, and on. and the darn thing comes in a huge passel of colors...one of them is sure to suit any given person.


i still love my skinny jeans. i know some people are saying they are "out," my knee-jerk response to those people is: "who cares." but i am admittedly sort of caving and feeling the siren-song-like pull of the option to don a slouchier jean silhouette, something like these wide leg jeans from goldsign (via shopbop.com):


just looking at them takes my blood pressure down a notch...they look as comfortable as pajamas!


the cracked leather on these t-strap heels from frye (via urban outfitters) is ace. it's a nice texture that seems to be popping up a lot at the moment. plus they are shinny. and i am all about the shiny!


is it just me, or is frye making some amazing styles these past few seasons or so? very classic really, and simultaneously more than a little fashion forward. and they are using superb materials and craftsmanship. the quality of the leathers and the stitching on all of them is super evident just by a quick glance at them, and the heels of many of the shoes seem to be made of wood. which, i think i have mentioned before several times, is really important to me. i loathe when companies use fake materials just to cut corners. give me the real thing, if possible, designers! if i love it, i'm willing to shell out the dough to get the nicer stuff! i'm not just interested in the *look* or a shysty, half-assed facsimile.


(clearly i'm feeling a slouchy glamourous thing at the moment, with a dash of the sporty. so yeah, i'd wear all that together. *head spins*)