(not so) random links

i figure i'll make this a regular thing, as it's fun to curate links to amazingness and interestingness happening about the 'webs and beyond!


-canadian artist/printmaker jodi green has embarked upon an intriguing (to me!) MFA project: in an attempt to integrate her studio processes, clothing designs and her "everyday life," she's embarking on a project to dye and then print fabrics using printmaking processes such as woodcut, lithography, and etching, which she then turns into clothing that she will then wear as she goes about her daily business. note that the inks used to make said prints on her clothing break down over time, so the garments also change over time. and she mentions changing the garment via printing processes each time. talk about remixing one's clothing! the results of her efforts are stunning. a deeper look into jodi's wardrobe project may be found on her website. jodi's keeping a record of said clothing in her wardrobe project flickr set, and her blog. (bonus info for the fiber junkies and people will cash to blow: jodi's also an amazing knitter and has her own etsy shop.)

-some months ago, the author of the boat lullabies found a cosmetics case full of old photographs at a chicago-area flea market. the pictures are a poignant look into the life of one (rather fashionable) woman over the course of approximately 50 years, from toddler-hood on into her middle age. fascinating to me from the perspective that we are able to observe the incredibly beautiful and complex metamorphosis that each and every human (or really, every living thing) goes through over the course of a lifetime. we change so much in the interim between birth and death, but there remains a common thread of self-ness that remains in the physical and spiritual being of any given individual. relating to the primary subject matter of bits and bobbins as a blog, it's also a enthralling look at one woman's singular sense of style and life-long love affair with fashion/style. (bonus: the rest of the entries on the boat lullabies seem to feature interesting old photographs, if you're into that sort of thing. i know i am!)

-andrea zittel, the conceptual artist behind a-z 6 month uniforms (a project dealing with concepts revolving around the basic needs of working artists), has a new project, the smockshop. andrea designed a simple double wraparound garment. a passel of artists re-interpreted her design, each in their own unique way. said artists make money off these one-of-a-kind garments, many of whom are not yet self-sustaining via their regular artistic endeavors.

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