wardrobe_remix is TWO YEARS OLD today!

and it all started with this photo:

blue and orange (aka, day one)

which was the first official wardrobe_remix photo i took! it was taken on september 13, 2005, in my old loft apartment, in brooklyn, new york. i was in my second semester of school at parsons, studying fashion design.

i was inspired by the occasional (at that time) but lovely street fashion/personal style spreads in fashion magazines, hel-looks, and japanese fashion mags/books like fruits. i started taking my photo using the self-timer on my digital camera, or with the help of my husband, peter, i started posting them in my blog and voila! the rest is history!

for the record: being two years old (a mere toddler!) means it actually predates much of the other DIY street fashion-type communities that have sprung to life in the past couple of years...and many of the street fashion blogs too! what a cool couple of years have ensued! so much street style and personal style to now see and celebrate, across the web and and across the world! it's a beautiful thing.


two years have gone by, and so much has happened for wardrobe_remix! the idea and the word really got around!

in the past two years, wardrobe_remix has spawned a quarterly magazine article. it was featured on current TV, in WWD, and a bunch of other pieces of press, both online and offline. SO AWESOME, really!

so many other people have joined me along the way! as of this second, there are 5,394 members of the group, and many more just watching! hello! *waves*

LET ME SHOW YOU THEM., madam0wl, luckyolive, marquise, and persephassa were amongst the first wardrobe_remix(ers) to join me...and they are still posting today. thank you to ALL the early adopters! from the very beginning, they started posting their photos and descriptions in their blogs, and because of that, they helped to spread the word about the community. YOU (you mentioned above, and many more, including those of you who are reading!) really helped to make it take off, and i'm indebted to you for that!

big warm hugs and a ton of thanks goes to my girl, just jenny who i brought on sometime in the first year to help me moderate the group. you are the most awesome person in the world, jenny. period! :)

and, really, honestly, much love and thanks goes to you ALL! thanks for merely being interested in the group, for watching it, for participating (if you do!) and for sharing yourselves and your looks with with world. thanks for being inspirational, stylish, brave, intelligent, artful, unique, and above all, YOU. that's what this group is all about...celebrating YOUR amazing expression of personal style, whatever that may be.

remember: it's not what you wear, but how you wear it. and you wear it well!

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