favorites...and stuff!



i feel like i have been awol and not posting much forever...but i haven't been, really!

we've just been moving, moving, moving, and attending to all the work that comes with that: packing, cleaning the old apartment in preparation for turning it over, and then actually, factually moving. we worked HARD the past couple of days!

yesterday was the big moving day! the move went super smooth...we had a great team of hardworking guys from delancey street movers, a business that is a part of the delancey street foundation. please read about them and their mission...i highly recommend them if you are moving in/out of san francisco or one of the other markets where they are located.

unfortunately, in the midst of moving and working (perhaps TOO) hard, i seem to have caught a moderately annoying cold. nothing serious, just uncomfortable and inconvenient!

i have to work a couple days this week, and several appointments to keep, and there's obviously tons of moving and settling in tasks to attend to (as might be expected!)...so posting may continue to be a little sparse for a bit longer.

but i'll check in here and there as time allows...i'm definitely thinking of doing a post with some cool links i've spotted in recent days, and the regular wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week post shall resume this week as well (last week i posted the wardrobe_remix 2 year anniversary post instead!).

miss you all!