(not so) random links

as promised! -in recent days, i've been really into blogs or flickr photostreams that show a slice of everyday life: what people are eating, little vignettes from around their home, snaps from a person's daily travels. what might seem mundane to some, is rather fascinating to me. of course, the photographic skills and aesthetics of said bloggers are beyond upstanding and extremely well-honed, which makes all the difference. fine little thing, smosch, and cheap opulence are perfect examples of the type of blog of which i speak. all prove that inspiration is all around us, even in the little things...we just have to open our eyes and look. know of any other blogs like those? comment and tell me!

-an amazing quote from a recent post by queen michelle of fashion blog kingdom of style that i quite like and relate to (thinking back to when when i lived in/grew up the conservative, middle-class suburbs of florida):

"I've always been of the opinion that very often real style is in those people who don't have easy access to it. It's easy to be fashionable when you live in a city like Paris, Milan or London, where it's on your doorstep and you can absorb it no matter what your budget/age/class may be, but for me, many truly stylish people are those who have to hunt it out, create it, invent it and express it, even though that might mean they may look like an alien in their own surroundings. These people exist so much in their own heads and their creativity is genuine because the odds are stacked against them."

-when i can find my yarn again (hah!), i'd love to give this knitted swiss cheese scarf pattern by winnie of knitting escapism a go!

-making something (exceptional) out of nothing (i.e., treasure from trash) is some of the best kind of making there is, and the blog outsapop by finlander outi pyy proves it. check out her recent magical transformations: an organic/modern piece of wearable art in the form of a collar made of zippers, and a pair of shoes and a purse that have been deftly spray-painted to match. brilliant!