(not so) random links

-morgan of panda head is now a fellow blogger of mine over at the threadbanger.com blog, and in a recent post over there, she asks: are you up to the challenge of making do with only DIY clothes for the duration of one year? i gotta say, in theory, the idea of such is absolutely amazing. could you do it? comment here, or better yet, over there! -speaking of street fashion and blogs (nice segueway, huh?!) my sweet friend and fellow blogger mai featured me once again on her SF street fashion blog, fashion.ist. we made a plan to run into eachother at the alameda antiques and collectibles fair, and she snapped my photo whilst there. thanks again, mai!

-conflicting reports at the intersection of luxurious and green/sustainable: the international herald tribune reports that an ethical trend is making waves in the luxury market. conversely, according to the guardian, many luxury firms have shoddy green records and persist with environmentally damaging, wasteful business practices. the message? green marketing may be trendy, but the message rings hollow unless without honest ethics and proactive actions to back up the claims...and smart customers know the difference.

-apparently, there may be a difference between the cheap cashmere sweater, and the uber expensive one, much to the chagrin of fast-fashion fans, says the wall street journal. namely, quality of materials and the quality of life of those who fabricate said sweaters. but to justify paying nearly $800 more for the latter? not sure about that, which begs the question: what level of pricing is fair? is it subjective, or absolute?

-and on the subject of art in san francisco: kate bingaman-burt is showing off her obsessive consumption work/project at an art opening at the SF rare device this friday, december 7th, from 6-10pm. barring anything major, i'm there, people!