(not so) random links

still laying low. but in the meantime, some links: -thanks to a post on kottke.org, i found a blog called wear palettes, which pulls color palettes from the sartorialst. color me unsurprised: there's a lot of drab and black representin'. i wonder what the palettes would look like from say, the facehunter, hel-looks, or the ultra-colorful fak!?

-continuing the street fashion theme: put feet first is a street fashion site that focuses on what is arguably one of the most telling parts of a person's outfit/wardrobe...one's footwear. it reminds me of what mai's been doing for quite some time on fashioni.st (the last photo in each of her posts is typically a shot of the shoes being worn by those she shoots).

-i totally knew i was on to something when i thrifted that early 90s "fresh price of bel-air"-esque african-print denim mini-vest at goodwill some months back! the funky, fresh hip-hop look circa 1992 is bound for a resurgence, if the club night named after the same year going down of late in manhattan is any indication (via the new york times). i mean, after the recent rash of nu-rave...what would you expect? what are you yearning to have make a redux (that hasn't come back already)?

-that (so-called) luxury stuff you love is likely made in china on the sly, though many luxury companies claim otherwise in their marketing spiel to justify their exorbitant prices, or so says this op-ed piece from the NY times.