12.15.2007 +

12.15.2007 (tricia)

ungh. been bad again. but i've been feeling under the weather for a few weeks, so...that's life.

this is what i call my "uniform", i.e. the pieces i have been wearing nearly non-stop lately (particularly the hoodie, jeans and boots), and by non-stop i mean about the last two months, because it's all so damn comfortable.

-long two-way black hoodie: dunderdon (a danish workwear brand); bought in nyc
-black tank and longsleeve thermal, unseen: UO
-black acid wash jeans: UO
-black boots of amazingness: frye
-african print scarf, tied in bow: UO
-red alpaca beret: knit by me last year
-black enamel hoop earrings: thrifted, vintage


12.15.2007 (peter)

this is pete, my awesome husband and code-monkey extra-ordinare. this is his uniform of late.

-gray military style jacket: g-star raw
-black cashmere sweater: uniqlo
-tan tee: AA
-dark denim jeans: energie (a miss sixty-related menswear brand)
-gray shoes: camper


do you have a "uniform", too? if so, what is it? post a comment if you like and detail it!


i'm going to continue to take it a little slow the next couple weeks or so...sorry i've been so absent. taking some "me" time and attending to my health.

also, my apologies for not posting the wardrobe_remix(ers) o' the week for a couple weeks now. will resume with that shortly.

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