recent thrift finds + the uten.silo

i'm still feeling very under the weather. however, my husband and i managed to get out of the house yesterday to visit a co-worker and his family, who live in the south bay, near san jose, california. our host graciously took us to a few thrift stores. it was lovely of him to do so, as i have been too tired and unmotivated to go thrifting for weeks.
some of my finds, mostly home-related (i did find some clothes, i haven't had a chance to snap photos of them as yet!):
orange and yellow glass salt and pepper shakers in some of my favorite colors.

vintage yellow and orange salt and pepper shakers

the crocheted potholder was from vintage clothing and homewares store, and the orange and green one was from one of the thrifts we stopped at.

vintage potholders

a vintage yellow and orange mug that happened to match the salt and pepper shakers, thrifted.

vintage yellow and orange mug


this uten.silo was my christmas gift from the husband! i've been wanting one for years, and was really pleased to receive it. for those not in the know, the uten.silo is a design classic that was conceived in 1969 by designer dorothee becker, and is made for making sense of your stuff, whatever that might be. very mid-century mod...the way i like many my things, and perfect for our home with it's bright lipstick red color. it's hanging in our hallway, and will be put to used to corral some of our small clutter (keys, wallets, and much, much more). a lasting gift that will remain classic and useful for years.


thank you, baby!