happy holidays, all.

happy holidays!

here's our humble tree!

we live across from the flower market here in SF, and decided to get a nice potted umbrella tree instead of the traditional holiday tree. more earth friendly, really, as it will far outlast the season (will live years, sans decoration, of course) and dwell in our home all year long. it was pete's choice...i think he made a good one.

all the presents are there by the tree...we're not going home for the holidays this year. we were going to go to cabo san lucas, mexico but decided to postpone the trip since i haven't been feeling well lately. it's just the two of us, really. i miss my family though...it's the first time i haven't been home for xmas in 32 years. needless to say, i'm feeling more than a little teary-eyed today.

but something good to look forward to: we're having a group of friends over for xmas dinner tomorrow, those that didn't leave town for the holidays.

it will be a big melange of italian specialties: homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs (dad's recipe), polenta lasagna, frosted sicilian meatball cookies, garden salad with feta and oil/vinegar dressing, and more that's not so italian, maybe (chimay beer, mulled cider, and coconut macaroons). should be yummy.

peace, love, good health and happy holidays to all of you.

thanks for being my friends!