wardrobe_remix and me: a 2007 recap!

i really slowed down with my own contributions to wardrobe_remix this year for a myriad of reasons: primarily, work, personal health reasons. the group got so large this year, and i spent a lot of time managing it and attending to projects relating to it (writing, articles, and the like). i also spent a lot of time with friends and less time on the internet.
subsequently, there are fewer photos of me this year! alas, such is life.
what was this year all about for me, fashion/personal-style-wise? a little recap, for my own fun and amusement!


-i still find playing with color and color combinations ridiculously fun. i believe that there are very few rules when it comes to color and combining those colors.
-while orange reigns supreme as my favorite color (has been a favorite for years now, with red-orange being my favorite take on that hue), i have to say that acid yellow comes in as a close second. you might even call it my "color of the year" pick for 2008! (take that, pantone and your dubious pick of "blue iris"! :P pretty, but, what??)
-sorry, i'm NOT giving up my acid-wash or my tight jeans. i could give a rat's ass what's "in" or "out", and as such, i refuse to give in to talk of either being "out" in an attempt to make me ditch it. *I* am the one who will decide when i tire of something...i will not bend to the tyranny of any outside trend-makers (whose "predictions" are usually off and irrelevant to my own aesthetic, anyway).
-cocktail hats! my love and obsession for these that began in the early months of the year seemed to anticipate the ascension of such later in the year. funny how that happens!
-strong shapes, strong colors. STRONG. in your face.
-frye boots (and shoes) are GOD. seriously. they are the best made shoes and boots ever created. i think i shall post about my love for them in much depth in the future. classic *and* current...can one ask for anything more? NO.
-i love sportswear, workwear. meaning: utilitarian, practical, classic, like a uniform, but with a twist. stuff like: sweatshirts (hoodies, etc.), jeans, overalls, sporty watches, things of that ilk.
-i love twists. twisting anything. morphing into my own expression, subjigating it to MY personal style. wearing my own costume, my own uniform, if you will, and not letting clothes wear me (as is the case with that which is trend-driven).

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for the coming year?
-i'm remaining steadfast in my commitment to wear whatever pleases ME, what fits in with my own personal style. be myself, other's opinions be damned.
-i'm committed to the task of seeking out inspiration everywhere.
-i want to follow my whims...i can't wait to see how my closet and finds come together on my body on a given day. i want to see what the year will bring...i don't want to make predictions now, i'd rather take it as it comes and go with the flow.
-i want to play with color even more, to explore combinations i've never considered before, or revisit old ones.
-i want to make patchwork an even bigger part of my personal style, some way, some how.
-i want to inject even more hand-made into my wardrobe, made by my own hands, or occasionally, by others, but only that which is AMAZING, when it comes to the latter. with work and writing, i had little time for creativity and clothesmaking this year. hopefully this coming annum will see changes and transformation on that front. that means: more patternmaking, more sewing, more knitting, more crocheting. i'm committed to getting to it.