(not so) random links

-i'm a knitter. i believe that knitting is a practical, expressive art/craft (really, the same thing). knitting can really make a statement, and knitters are often a wonderfully loud, uproarious, opinionated, sometimes subversive and political bunch. so i of course find this video of a talk on the history of guerilla knitting by rose white particularly interesting. the talk was given at the 24th chaos communication congress in berlin, and some big names in knitting past and present were called out: elizabeth zimmerman, barbara walker, artist dave cole (of giant fiberglass teddy bear and oversized american flag on giant needles at massMOCA fame), and of course, more. (via we make money not art and boing boing) -even the affluent are feeling the pinch with the weakening u.s. economy, and are buying less, if the precipitously dropping sales of luxury items in recent days are any indication (via the chicago tribune). proof positive that the whole "luxury market" was overinflated, temporary, subject to whims, and out of whack to begin with. the decade ahead will be an interesting one: will people ever eschew luxury stuff, and instead embrace thrift?

-sustainable style in the states?: in the interest of slowing global warming, some forward-thinking u.s. clothing manufacturers, like (controversy-courting) american apparel, prAna, and william good (whom i have mentioned here before) are looking to source some of their source materials within their home state or in the nation, according to the international herald tribune. these efforts allegedly help build up a burgeoning organic cotton industry here in the u.s. and make re-use of gently used materials.

-being that i grew up in the thick of the central florida suburbs, i have more than my fair share of mall memories (mostly good, if i am going to be honest). but after seeing the organic nature of most shopping districts in big cities around the world and in the towns i've lived in the better part of the past decade (new york city, and now, san francisco), i've fostered a growing distaste for the aforementioned constructions, feeling them to be contrived and filled with more than a little conformity. seems my sentiment is shared by many, as the quintessential stereotypical shopping mall seems to be on the decline in these early years of the 21st century. what's next for shoppers? some developers think they have the answer and the alternative, but i'm not so sure. (via the economist)

-a cabal of color scheme creating, color picking and coordinating tools co-exist: what's its color?, colorschemer, colr, and kuler. ideally aimed at those in design and art, i also see them as low-investment tools for tentative fashionistas, who could perhaps use one or more of these to play with color combinations and schemes in order to overcome their color fears (more than a few who comment here on bits and bobbins, if the contents of some of your comments are any indication!)

-i love rule number 10 on this kick-ass, inspirational art department list of rules/manifesto from immaculate heart college, as found on hi + low, which is a quote from the groundbreaking composer, john cage: "we're breaking all the rules. even our own rules. and how to do we do that? by leaving room for x quantities." i take "x quantities" to mean "the unknown". and going back to my new years manifesto to take fashion and life as it comes, instead of trying to map it all out ahead of time, as others are wont to do as they lean on the backs of trend forecasts for the coming year. no need to ensure i get the contrived combination of requisite shapes and colors. i'll follow my whim depending on the day. seems right, seems organic, seems real. i delight in, and court the unknown. what "rule" in the above link speaks to you?

-while i think most of this how to get dressed list for 2008 (from the times online) is "utter twaddle", i like the last one, number 10 for it's utter truth:

10. Don’t wear the same trend twice. Utter twaddle. Trends come round so fast now that would preclude almost everything we have come to recognise as clothing.

this is why i have chosen to step off the trend-mill. the whole damn trend thing is cyclical. wear whatever the hell you want even or especially if it's "out", because the whole trend-cycling affair moves so fast it will probably be "in" again by the end of the year. start your own "trend".