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faves, faves, and faves
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stuff i've been obsessing over lately (just a few):

-reading woman: an intimate geography, by natalie angier. i bought it years ago but i'm re-reading it now. she has a rather poetic way of talking about the female body and it's biological, physiological, and psychological inner workings.

angier's writing style, cultural bent, and tone remind me of my friend and writer, ally, who lives in london and blogs at feral strumpet teatime/sticks and stings forever (she's a knitter too)

-wooden heeled shoes. this one has been going for a while. shoes just seem better when the heel is actually made of wood. seems traditional, earthy. me like.

-gumdrops and spicedrops. seeing the wreaths of such being made around the holidays on the intranets made me covet them badly, and i caved and made petey get some at the store a couple weeks back. mmm, sugary goodness.

-ripple blankets. i'm starting my own, using up yarn from my stash (which is the ultimate inspiration for such a project!), and using this pattern. i made a little swatch, will be getting started on the real thing this week, probably, if i can find the time.

ripple swatch