if money was no object...

i was not posting much the last month or so. but, such is life. instead of posting (which takes a lot of energy, surprisingly!) i was instead doing a lot of relaxing, resting, trying to feel better, a lot of watching t.v. and surfing the web (very easy to do when you have energy for little else, dontcha know?).
in my travels, i came across a lot of things that delighted my eyes. does it mean i'll run out and buy them? probably not.
but, if money was no object...(and i could actually justify getting more stuff!)...


there's something cool and almost summery about this blue resin bead necklace from j crew. i am enamored with it's simple boldness.



speaking of j crew, i am over the moon about this silk ruffle neck halter, worn under that cashmere henley-style sweater. the neckline of the halter is more than a little feminine with the ruffles, but not at all over the top. a nice level of restraint. but i know for a fact the coupling of the yellow and the red-orange is what sends me over the edge with mad love, as both are among my favorite colors (of late, and in general).


color always finds a way to make me fall deeper in love with something i covet. funny, that.


this fruit-stripe-y sisal bag found at sustainable style source a greater gift just seems so summer-like to me. perfect for bringing some sweetness and light to a dark winter day.


bonus: it's made by a cooperative in kenya that includes akamba tribespeople, whose female members are skilled weavers.


continuing the ethnic aesthetic and awesomeness, i've always been a fan of african prints and latin american weaving. thus, both of these totally comfy-looking, uber colorful skimmer sneakers by keep from keep make me smile widely. i don't wear sneakers very often, but rubber-soled footwear this stylish makes me want to make an exception.




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