beautiful stranger TV

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fly recently posted about beautiful stranger TV: it's a street fashion video site where the creators hit the streets of NYC to hunt down and interview it's stylish denizens, asking them what they are wearing and doing, basically what their into on a myriad of levels. what makes the site special? alongside each video featured on the site is a clickable listing of websites that the beautiful stranger mentioned in his/her interview so you can "procure the beloved items these style setters can't live without". the whole kit and kaboodle was a brainchild of several people who were/are in the beauty/fashion/media/lifestyle industries.


genius, i say, especially that last bit. it's sort of like the listing of products one sees under many a wardrobe_remix (which i purposely included/instituted from the get-go) and coupled with some street fashion photos on certain smart sites and magazines of that sort (i'm thinking hel-looks, and in many japanese (street) fashion magazines, like the maverick in this genre, fruits), except it takes said listings to the next level and hyperlinks them, making it easier for people to surf over and grab it for themselves.
AI fantasy thought that would take that very idea to the next level:
it would be great if the technology inherent in the ever-burgeoning semantic web could help with this sort of thing, making semi-automatic linking of things people list without the individual having to do a lot of work to make the actual links. such a thing might not be far off.