etsy love: kjoo

in the interest of spreading the handmade love, i'm starting a little feature here on bits and bobbins which shows off what i think are some amazing goods made by amazing artists, designers, and makers on the inimitable handmade marketplace, it's all about what catches *my* eye, anything from clothing and wearables to homewares. i'll show you a few pieces from each seller's shop and give you a teensy little bit of info about the artist and their wares, linking back to their etsy shops and items.



first up is kjoo, aka maria, a graphic designer and fiber jewelry maker who hails from portugal. i first became aware of her via her flickr. i have been a fan of her work for some time, and i've actually written about her here before, over a year and a half ago, but her work delights me so that i feel like she deserves repeat mention.


maria's work shows a finely honed sense and sensitivity to color and texture. unusual colorways, skilled, steady handiwork in the realms of hand-stitching, felting and crochet, and a studied skill in marrying various found materials makes for a deliciously amorphous, experimental, organic feel to her whole body of work. her work is transcendent, her pieces are akin to wearable art.


a good pal of mine here in san francisco is a big fan of maria's work and has several of her one-ofa-kind pieces in her jewelry collection, so i can also attest to their beauty in the flesh. they have a soft tactile look and feel on sights, and you can palpably sense the work and trained eye that fashioned them.

the piece below is one of my favorites.


more kjoo lovliness here. viva, etsy!