favorite etsy sellers?

hey all!
i'm moving quite slow this week...busy trying to get things done and also still unbelievably fatigued! i am dreadfully behind with everything at my life at the moment and for now, posting is generally taking a back seat. hopefully things will return to normal soonish. :)
also, thanks again for the kind words concerning le future bebe. i read each and every one and appreciate all the warm words and advice. you guys are so friendly, and so fab. and that, my dears, is really an understatement! much love to all.


on another note:
i have a request that's especially directed at you who are fans and members of wardrobe_remix, and etsy!
what are your favorite etsy shops/sellers?
i have noticed that some wardrobe_remix(ers) mention etsy-sourced WEARABLES (THINGS YOU CAN WEAR, i.e. clothes and accessories) in their wardrobe_remix photo descriptions. i'm looking for suggestions for shops that have handmade clothing and accessories, not really so much vintage shops.
but that said, feel free to offer the latter if the latter is too amazing not to mention, if you know what i mean! i wanna hear it all.
the sooner the better...chime in today if you can, but do add a comment tomorrow and beyond if need be.
ok, GO! :)