(not so) random links

apologies for it having been a couple weeks since i inundated you with linkage! ha!here goes:


-how cool is it when people take something used and make it tremendously *better* with a creative mind and their crafty designs skills? i'll tell ya: VERY COOL. even better when they blog about it, thereby inspiring hundreds with the stunning results. proof positive: these ridiculously cute handpainted shoes by made with love by hannah and this sweet sweater re-tooling by sarai of sweet sassafrass (who's apparently a fellow SF'can!) (via craft)

-good news for foreign footwear junkies living in the U.S.: there's an act that's aiming to get before congress, called the affordable footwear act of 2007. it's looking to end the shoe tax, which apparently imposes high tariffs on footwear that's been imported in to the united states (which is like, MOST of the footwear in the US these days, nearly everything being made overseas as it is). the aim, according to proponents like payless, nike, and others in the shoe trade? to lower the cost of moderately priced footwear and children's shoes...cuz, everyone needs shoes on their feet, especially the economically disadvantaged, right? i've not read the text of the proposed bill, but hey, do you think it covers those sweet italian made kicks i occasionally find myself drooling over? (kidding.)

-outsapop, the queen of the trashonistas, is tipping us off about a levi's 501 design competition (which is sadly only open to US residents, sorry!) which appears to be in conjunction with the recent denim restyling challenge seen on project runway. get to work remixing that denim: the contest ends february 6th, 2007. i'm a HUGE denim junkie...this contest is totally right up my alley! and as far as PR is concerned, that levi's episode was my favorite episode in what is otherwise a completely snoozeworthy season. but i digress...

-i guess i'll have to wait for my copy of today's WWD to read the rest of this little teaser about old navy: "Old Navy wants to shed its amorphous family image, target the twentysomething crowd and share some "big fashion ideas."" interesting move, but will it work? are they trying to compete with the likes of H&M and forever 21 and other similar retailer of that ilk? i'd be cautious: gap tried to be a little more trendy and fashion forward back in the 1990s and customers freaked (interestingly, i remember the offerings at that time being some of my all-time favorites from that store, but i am not a good person to make benchmarks from). will they try to take a risk and then shirk back again? i'm interested to see how they spin it and if they can market it and be savvy amongst other market leaders in that mass sector. my hopes aren't high for them, after seeing the whole gap empire take a huge downturn in recent years.