etsy love: nstylevintage

it's time for etsy love!


this week's installment is all about etsy vintage seller, nstylevintage.
while etsy's REAL strength is it's handmade goods made by a huge cabal of extremely skilled makers, crafters, and artists, the site does have it's fair share of vintage shops. one of the best of these, i have found, is nstylevintage. the shop is run by a mystery gal(?) from some unknown place (no information is to be found in their profile, sadly, poo on that. i like to know about people, don't you?).
what makes nstylevintage an example of a good vintage shop? i'll tell you: a good eye for used gear that hits upon current trends (if you're into that sort of thing), pieces in good condition that feature interesting design elements, and most of all, the shop utilizes simple, well-lit photography on real bodies, styled in such a way that makes the items for sale really shine. prices aren't dirt cheap, but a look around shows that there are a few deals to be found.
anyone can hit the thrifts and other resources to find vintage gear, but the way that those products are marketed (aka, presented) when they are sold, new or used, REALLY matters. at least, to me...i really applaud when a person considers all angles of their business, from soup to nuts the way this individual has. if you want to do equally as well, i'd take a lesson from this seller, and their ilk. good photography and good styling, in addition to good descriptions are just as important as the quality and beauty inherent in the designs of the pieces themselves. this goes for handmade goods as well as resale goods. the same always applies.
below, some of the amazing pieces to be found in nystylevintage's etsy shop:





want more? visit nstylevintage viva la etsy!