(thrifted) stuff

some recent thrift finds (if recent means within the past month or so):


i'm obsessed with these funny handmade earrings. they're made of polymer clay, i believe, and are iridescent teal. i found them just after the holidays in san jose, california at a goodwill while visiting a friend/co-worker who lives in that area.

funny teal earrings

they were the kind of thing i liked enough to buy, but later i found myself wearing all the time...like had turned to deep, deep love. i'm wearing them in this recent wardrobe_remix photo.


some handmade symmography (string art) in a lovely spattering of purples. handmade in the 1970s (according to the hand-scrawled script on the back).

thrifted bit of symmography

i have a soft spot in my heart for handmade things that get donated to the thrifts. i feel a compulsion to buy them and love them, knowing how much effort went into making them.