if money was no object...

it's been a long time. a REALLY long time. a GINORMOUSLY long time since i've made an 'if money was no object...' post...!
truth be told, i've been *trying* not to look at clothes and such too-too much for months...being pregnant and all, it's sort of like, hrm, can't wear that, so i don't even want to look at it right now, if you know what i'm sayin'. :)
and also...i have so many other things to be thinking about, doing, and yes, spending money on (hello, impending BABY!)...
and i am trying to be careful and considerate about what i DO buy (as evidenced by so much of what i write about and have been writing about for some time, about making smart choices, about ethics, about being green and creative...and all that jazz)...
but... STILL, i have been sort of quietly obsessing over a few things...okay? i am human, after all. at least, i think so!
so, *sigh* here goes... :)


there's no way i'd ever be able to afford these paloma picasso stackable gold and semi-precious rings, from tiffany's, but...a girl can dream.


ms. picasso is calling them 'sugar stacks'...how apt! they are so delicious...they totally remind me of candy. i almost want to eat them!


being a long-time jeans fiend, i'm all about this pair of higher-waisted dark skinnies from that most classic of jean purveyors, levi's (a long time fave of mine, btw).


so simple and perfect: a normal-ish waistline (at least compared to the past's low-lows), no stupid whiskering, straight, and narrow. just the way i like it.
if i wasn't very, very pregnant (and about to be even more round than i currently am!), i'd snap those up so fast it's silly. i'd be wearing them non-stop, oh yes.
*crosses her fingers and hopes to the gods she snaps back figure-wise after having le bebe royal*


well-designed orange shoes are SO hard to find! yes, i did find a superb pair of orange snakeskin wedges a while back at a local shoe store (paolo, which is located on hayes street, and also over on fillmore, both here in san francisco), and i love them like i love no other pair of shoes in my collection.
but --STOP THE PRESSES!!-- i do believe i've tracked down another superb pair that i feel suit me down to the ground...and i am of course coveting them like mad: these schindler sandals by rachel comey, to be found over at creatures of comfort.


the ankle strap is sturdy and wide, the sole is comfortably flat, the peep-toe keeps things summery, and the criss-cross over the toes has just a teensy bit of texture in the way of the lines, keeping things subtle yet interesting.


if by some chance you want more of this kind of thing, do check out my past flights of retail fancy in the 'if money was no object...' archive.