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i've had a busy few weeks. came back from hawaii the monday before last, a short week commenced, and then my in-laws came that friday and we spent almost the whole day with them for four days in a row. and then, another short but ridiculous week started for me...and it's the one i still find myself in. lots of appointments and such like to attend to from now until the weekend. i need some rest! i am yearning for a real "day off". whatever that means...hopefully it means just zoning out and staring at the wall a little! or, ok...maybe something more productive, like knitting or sewing...that would be exceedingly lovely. *sigh*


some other things on my mind of late:
-the maker faire was amazing. we went on saturday and took my in-laws with us and also had the company of some friends as well...and i walked around as much as i could, trying to take in all the sights and sounds. big hellos again to everyone i met who recognized me from this humble little blog! you are sweet. i wish i would have had more time to mill around the bizarre bazaar and such, but alas...
-i'm freakin' addicted to kashi cinnamon harvest cereal right now. i get sort of antsy when i get to the bottom of a given box! i usually slather it in a layer of bananas or strawberries, depending on what's around.
-with all this fatigue i've been having lately i have been finding myself getting into slap-happy giggle fits. this post about photobombing (particularly the first link) set me off in peals of laughter this morning.
-a fascinating fashion tome i picked up in antwerp, belgium last year and just now started reading: the fashion reader. amazon describes it better than i can manage at this juncture:

The Fashion Reader is designed for students, scholars, and anyone interested in contemporary fashion. The book brings together the key writings on the subject, covering the history, culture, and business of fashion. The extracts are drawn from a wide range of sources--books, professional and academic journals, magazines, interviews and exhibition catalogues.

best for those who want to delve a little deeper into all things fashion (like yours truly, natch!) instead of skimming the surface of said world.