(baby) things

i know, i know i haven't posted a lot of handmade things in...quite a while. months, even? i've been doing this and that for pay and for personal use (sewing, knitting, crocheting and the like), but have been pretty neglectful about posting the results of such here.
until now! whee!
my latest creative pursuits have been for the baby...who's coming very, very soon (only 9 more weeks (or so) to go)! yes, these are the first baby things i've made for the girl thus far. yes, to some, just doing these kinds of projects now (when i am 31 weeks/in my last trimester!) might seem kind of late.
to those opinionated somebodies who may believe i'm late to the game, i will say in my defense that i had a bit of a superstitious moratorium on making or even buying a lot of baby things until the last month or so. why? well...to be completely candid, and a lot personal, i lost a baby about 6 years ago via a tubal pregnancy. i wanted to feel *really* comfortable with the status of my current pregnancy before i started preparing for my baby's arrival with any purchases or delving in to any projects for her.
and then...also, to be honest, i got a little lazy, and a little...no, a LOT tired. :P i am now (somewhat frantically!) trying to catch up.
anyway, w/o any further ado, here are a few of the sweet little results of my recent (fiber-wielding) labors...


i love how this one turned out...i would totally wear this myself! haha! it's made from super soft malabrigo (100% wool), and this pattern. the button is vintage and crocheted...it was a thrift find from way back.

red & pink wool baby sweater


le baby girl royal will get to rock the bright colors just like her crazy mom! this one's made from this pattern with cascade 220. the buttons are vintage and are really two different buttons stacked upon one another. the trim is from m&j trim, bought back in my parsons days, when i still lived in the big (old) apple.

yellow wool baby sweater


i have a few more baby sweaters (and maybe some booties! or a blankie!) i want to make before she gets here. will i have the time? we shall see!
on the positive side, these little sweaters and things are so fun and fast to work up! they become quite addictive...once i made one i felt inspired to make a slew of others. so...stay tuned. who knows, perhaps i'll post a few more (if fatigue and life doesn't get the best of me) in the coming weeks! no promises, though... :P