threadheads: make workshop's sewing 101 + brooklyn's sodafine

this past week's threadheads episode featured diana rupp of nyc's make workshop demonstrating some basic sewing of the most important (imo!) being that IRONING WHILST YOU SEW IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE!! i cannot stress that point enough...if you don't have an iron and don't use one when you sew, you ain't sewing properly, people. period. :P
if you're in nyc, you should definitely check out make workshop...they offer a huge roster of amazing classes on a myriad of topics, from block or letterpress printing, to patternmaking, to sewing, and even knitting or needlepoint. and a heck of a lot more. go look at their offerings, take a class! learn something new! do something creative better than you were before! yeah! rock!
those cool cats at threadbanger also give viewers a little tour of sodafine, a mighty fine and fabulous boutique in williamsburg, brooklyn that just happens to be owned and operated by my friend erin weckerle! her shop carries lots of beautiful and innovative handmade, small and sustainable labels, including the work of another extremely talented friend o' mine, valerie, who is the brooklyn-based designer behind the label dear birthday.
great stuff as always, threadbanger!