wardrobe_remix in JPG magazine

from the "better late than never" bits and bobbins/wardrobe_remix/tricia royal news department:

way back in may and june i mentioned that i was a guest judge for one of JPG magazine's photo challenges, the one that featured wardrobe_remix as it's theme. perhaps some of you remember...?
the issue featuring my selections hit the magazine stands back in july. the article was in their superb street fashion issue (#17)!

jpg street fashion issue.png

(btw, if you click on the link above, you can peruse/preview all of the aforementioned issue. nice!)


here's a quick snap of the article itself:

wardrobe_remix in jpg magazine

thanks to all the fine folks whose photos i selected, who made it into the final cut of the magazine! several of those featured in the article are wardrobe_remix contributors, and others are just cool people who clearly know how to wield a camera well (and have cool personal style!). special thanks to those who in turn called out wardrobe_remix in their accompanying interviews. thanks, guys!
and of course, thanks again, JPG magazine!