happy (belated) 3rd birthday, wardrobe_remix!!

blue and orange (aka, day one)

happy (belated!) 3rd birthday, wardrobe_remix!
what you see above was the first wardrobe_remix photo, ever. and it's of yours truly, natch!
the photo above was taken on september 13, 2005. it's the day wardrobe_remix was, for all intents and purposes, born.
i wanted to document what i was wearing on a given day, to show the world (well, just my online pals at the time!) how i deigned to put myself together stylistically.
where did the idea come from? well, i was inspired by street fashion photos, like the ones in the japanese fashion mags i hoarded, and websites like hel-looks (which was one of the only street fashion websites that existed at the time...now there are zillions, one for every small and large city and town across the nation and the world!).
i started out by just posting photos like the one above in my blog, but an online friend suggested starting a group on flickr so others could participate. other people started taking photos of themselves, posting those photos in their blogs, and adding them to the group pool...
word spread like wildfire, and now...wardrobe_remix, as a community on flickr.com, boasts over 10,824 members.
no one is more surprised or delighted that me at the popularity and success of wardrobe_remix, as well as the popularity and success of the members of the group. congrats to all of you! you deserve the attention and the accolades! you look amazing! you are amazing people!
i am still humbled when people talk about wardrobe_remix.
i giggle when it finds attention here and there (online, on television and in print).
my heart is warmed by to see that people are still joining the group, tons of them every single day, to this day.
i love that people find inspiration and friendship via the group.
it honestly makes me feel good inside to know i created something that matters to folks in some way, shape or form.
while wardrobe_remix started with just me, all of you make wardrobe_remix what it is today...a community.
so, mucho thanks everyone, for keeping it going, for contributing your photos to wardrobe_remix, for making it what it is...an ever-growing cabal of extremely stylish, devastatingly smart, and extremely creative, NICE folks.
*bows to you*
viva wardrobe_remix!


(if you're so inclined, you can peruse the remainder of my wardrobe_remix contributions are here)