a creative week

   ..in spite of it all.  all being that everyone in our household has been at least a little sick, if not a lot sick, the past couple of weeks.  i've had a chest cold (?) with a hacking cough so vigorous and spasmodic that it has nearly given me upper abs of steel.  so un-fun.   still, I managed to drag my bones out of bed or off the couch long enough to lay out and sew a crib sized square triangle quilt i started sometime last year.  i have enough to make about 3 quilts, actually.  i made a quilt back for it last night and hope to baste it before the week is out if all goes well and i'm feeling up to it.   on Sunday i rallied long enough to go to this month's meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, where we did a mini project with zippers (see little quilted pouch, above).  it's not my best work but it was fun to make.     i also forced myself to go to my fabric silkscreening class on Monday, where I was able to pick up the fabric i printed in last week's class, which was printed using a contact paper stencil and a little quilt inspired motif i came up with myself.  i also stayed long enough to burn an image on my screen, which i will be able to print with come next week.   what did you accomplish creatively this week?