the super scrappy quilt!


ugh, the past few weeks were super über crazy!  just as peter and i were getting over our respective illnesses, little p fell sick...with the stomach flu.  lemme tell ya, there's nothing more fun than cleaning up toddler vomit!  she had a few days of feeling less than perfect but quickly got back on the mend and for now, she's good good good.  thank goodness.  momma's happy when baby is happy and healthy!   in the midst of all the germs and chaos, i managed to get a little quilting done.  yay!  seen above is my latest quilt, which i have lovingly nicknamed "the super scrappy".  *smile*   it's a simple one-patch with fabrics mostly pulled from my scrap box, with some new fabrics thrown in to make the mix make sense (to me, anyway!) and it's straight line quilted with parallel lines one inch apart.  for now it's living on our (new) couch.  it's nothing fancy, quiltwise and probably doesn't even "count" as a quilt to seasoned quilters but it makes me happy to look at it and to use it.  and in the end, that's all that really matters, right?