baby b's baby quilt

baby b quilt front

back of baby b quilt

baby b quilt close up

holy crap, how did nearly 2 months go by?  sorry 'bout that.  BUT, i've been plenty busy making.  if only where was a way to just download everything that's in my brain that i want to share and somehow compose posts without actually being anywhere near a computer or any sort of device!  alas...

seen here is a 41" x 48" baby quilt i recently completed.  it was a gift for a pair of dear friends who are expecting a little boy in the next few weeks.  the idea behind this one was to make it really modern...and make it feel "boy" and somewhat timeless (meaning, no novelty fabrics that are too kiddy or dating, if that makes sense).  i used mostly scraps i had in my scrap boxes for the front and the pieced bit on the back, and the swathe of green that makes up the better part of the back is a piece of shot cotton i scored at the bernina sewing center in lake mary, florida, when i was in the orlando area this past summer.  i quilted half of it at my friend/neighbor jacquie gering's place, and half at mine.  she showed me how to make a cool, sort of wavy/organic yet straight quilting pattern using one of the presets on the bernina (it's the #4 stitch, somewhat elongated, on my 430) and a walking foot.  pretty cool, eh?  i want to use it on everything.  it puckers up in a super pretty way after a laundering.

they got the quilt yesterday (yay!), so i am now able to share it.