january's works in progress

starting the blonde redhead quilt from #quilty

stitch and flip triangles with vintage sheet scraps

xmas has come and is long gone.  it's back to the grindstone time.  hello 2013.

seen here are some works in progress, proof that i am not dead (yet!) but merely just plugging away at various quilt projects like it's my damn job or something.  too bad i can't get paid to make quilts.  :P

top photo is the first block from the blonde redhead quilt that was in quilty magazine's free downloadable preview issue and first official issue (summer 2012) last year.  i'm doing it pretty much like it was shown in the magazine, with the same colorway, because i am really grooving on the red/white/blue/yellow.  i am not usually one for doing a project just like it's shown but hey, exceptions happen sometimes.  :)  i've made about 40+ of these blocks this month; just have to make a few more and it's time to put the top together.

bottom pic is stitch and flip triangles using vintage sheet scraps.  i made a pile of them during a workshop helmed by my friend jacquie back in august 2012.  i was putzing around my sewing studio trying to come up with some ideas to make quilts for our guild's next service project (project night night), and unearthed them.  i think i'll make another small pile and donate the finished quilt to the cause.