woot, i'm in quilty!

finally!  #quilty

me in #quilty!  (w/ diane royal's memory quilt, made from pete royal's shirts)

the photo above is the only really decent shot of a 72" x 72" log cabin memory quilt i made last year for my MIL, diane royal, using shirts that belonged to peter royal, sr., my deceased FIL (he died in 2011 of lymphoma).  i tried and tried to get a photo of it before i gave it to my MIL but for whatever reason (there were several) it never worked out.

mary fons was visiting our guild (the chicago modern quilt guild) this past summer; she asked me if she could take a picture of my quilt after i presented it during our guild's show and tell.  of course i said yes!  i didn't expect to make it into the magazine but i am delighted that it did; it allows me to have a record of my work!

the shirts were all fishing themed, as pete sr. was an avid kayak and surf fisherman.  along with the shirts, i also tossed in a hearty helping of other print and solid fabrics, too, mostly in neutral tones & cotton and linen in content. the finished quilt kind of has a beachy feel, which i think is apropos considering his sport.

the back was pretty modern and killer, actually, it had a group of improv cross blocks in the center of what was basically another giant log cabin. binding was made of leftover bits of the shirts. and it was allover quilted with straight vertical lines, spaced about 1/2" apart.  one of these days when i am down visiting peter's family in jacksonville i'll manage to get a shot of the back of the quilt for posterity's sake.