quiltcon 2013 austin photo dump

yup, it's @jaymccarroll !  #quiltcon #austin

my favorite group quilt @ #quiltcon

another group quilt @ #quiltcon snapped for my moms

fresh plus by Kathy York #quiltcon

starburst by Nicole Neblett #quiltcon

rgb modern by Sherri Lynn Wood #quiltcon

Nicole Maroon's awesome quilty tattoo #quiltcon

new boots from the institution that is Allen's #austin

installation @ the Austin convention center #quiltcon

Denyse Schmidt's own bed quilt

close up of "makin me crazy" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe #quiltcon

close up of "the big o, part 2" by latifah saafir

goodbye Austin!

i just spent 5 days in austin, texas attending quiltcon, the modern quilt guild's inaugural convention.  it was pretty epic.  big props to the MQG for pulling off a kick ass, world class event in a damn fine city.

some favorite sights & quilts & finds are featured in my photo dump above.

a note on the photo with me and jay mc carroll: meeting him/taking a class taught by him (kitchen sink patchwork skirt) was a majorly big thing for me...i've been a fan since he was a contestant/winner of the very first project runway in 2005.  i was just happy to have had the chance just to be in his aura for the day.  :)  a sure highlight of my mostly mundane existence.  :)

on the "fuck you cancer" and "fuck" bee quilts...go here for more explanation (particularly on the latter).  i snapped a photo of the cancer one for my mom.  she was diagnosed with breast cancer in december and is going through chemo right now.  DAMN RIGHT, CANCER SUCKS.  

as for the "fuck" bee quilt...i am not much of a bee person (to date, anyway) but i would have totally done something like that had i been aware of it at the time.  i love that it's provocative.  quilting isn't always what you think it is, and it shouldn't be.  not everything is "pretty".  big props to the MQG for putting it in the show with no apologies/warnings/shame.  it really says a lot about the general philosophy/ethos of the movement right from the outset.  make of that what you will, and move on accordingly.

anyhow, i am positive that other people could cover and recap the event more eloquently than i ever could...and i'm fairly certain no one's reading anyway.  if you were there, you know.  :)