a smattering of spring creativity

fabric I batiked in Malka dubrawsky's class #quiltcon

shoo fly blocks with my batik & screened fabrics

improv made fabric

patchy triangles

what I worked on at the CMQG spring retreat (in progress)

learning how to hand quilt!

playing around with offcuts

made fabric medallion, in progress

hello there!  it's spring!

...hell, it's just about summer, though you wouldn't really know it until recently here in chicago, as it's been unusually cold all the way through most of may.  so weird.

anyhoo!  here's another photo dump here of what i've been putzing around with in the studio all season...

from top to bottom:

-batiks i made in malka dubrawsky's batik class @ quiltcon 2013 (back in february!)

-taking some of the aforementioned batiks and a hand silkscreened piece of fabric i had laying around and shoo-flying them to what i think is nice effect.  :)

-taking old bedsheet scraps and bits of found fabric and making "made fabric" (a la victoria findlay wolfe)

-taking said "made fabric" and cutting triangles out of it, to be made into a queen size quilt (alternate triangles will likely be cut from white recycled men's oxford shirts in varying textures and weaves)

-more made fabric around an orphan block from another quilt top i finished earlier this spring...i made most of what's seen here at the chicago modern quilt guild's spring 2013 retreat up in racine, wisconsin.

-i took a one day workshop on hand quilting at lillstreet with chicago area artist/quilter sarah nishiura.  this was my class sample.  i even came home that night and worked on it more/practiced!  i think i'm in serious love with hand quilting.  XOXO!  i'm even hand quilting a quilt right now...slowly, slowly, slowly but surely, with perle cotton and big stitches.  a great pastime to partake in, especially when it's CHILLY.  (reference my notes about chicago's crazy cold weather above, ha!)

-some teeny tiny HST's, just having fun.

-and more play with made fabric and that orphan block i was playing with at the spring CMQG retreat...no idea if it's all going to go together but it's been fun just "making".  might take the "made fabric" and put it into use in another quilt.  still thinking.  sometimes you have to sit on something a while and eventually it all becomes clear, creatively.  that's how it works for me, anyway.  :)


how's your spring been?