blocks in a box, boy style, v. 1.0

here's one of about 7 or so quilts i have finished this year to date!  one of the few i've managed to photograph thus far.  more on that subject below!

boy quilt, v. 1.0

i made this one back in june/july with the intention of giving it to some dear friends to commemorate the birth of their first baby, a boy (who was born mere days ago, yay!).  as such i wanted to choose colors that suggested "boy" (grey, blue) and made a point to include colors that they said they liked (yellow, orange, red).  

as for patterns, i tried to keep them classic, simple, and modern (dots/circles), stripes, graphic shapes) that even though it was meant to be given to a baby, it wouldn't seem babyish or boyish once the baby in question matured past babyhood.  i added in white as a solid/neutral for even more of a "modern"/clean feel.

boy quilt, v 1.0 close up

the back is just yardage scraps left over from making the front, sort of improvisationally pieced, i suppose.  it's straight-line quilted with white thread and the lines are about 1 inch apart.

boy quilt, v 1.0 back

i ended up giving the quilt to my brother john and his family, with love and with the knowledge it would find a good home with them.  for one, i made a rookie quilter mistake and pressed the seams to one side, which is a problem in the areas with white piecing, because you can see some little shadows of the colored fabrics.  ack!  second, it was probably a little too big (large throw size) for a baby.  i got carried away!  hahaha!  

i made said baby a smaller quilt with same and similar fabrics wherein i pressed all seams open instead and i was happier with the overall finished product.  i had trouble getting a photo of it before sending it off.  *sigh*

taking pictures of quilts is sort of challenging.  pete is very helpful here, holding up the quilt for me to photograph but it's not the most ideal set up, for a myriad of reasons.  

i was pondering this:  setting up a wire curtain rod (specifically the diginet from ikea) on one fairly large open space on one of the walls in my little studio room, and then aiming some track lighting at it the best i can, in an attempt to get some light on it and take a decent photograph.  not sure if it will work (the light in most of my house excepting the living room area is very poor) but i'm going to try it because i don't have a lot of options otherwise).  i'd really like to find a way to shoot quilts outside where the light is better (like, say, against that cool wall in the photos above) but i'm kind of unsure how to make that happen exactly.  probably a pipe dream, hahah!

how do you photograph your quilts?