she's four!

4 year well visit!!

poppy bea turned FOUR this past august 19th.  

it's hard to believe that FOUR years have passed since i gave birth to my little girl!  time certainly does fly.  

our pretty princess :)

she's a total silly goose, funny and adorable.  downright obsessed with disney princesses/princesses in general (cinderella is a fave but she knows and loves them all), reading anything she can get her hands on, museums, accessorizing to the hilt and scouring thrift stores (like mother, like daughter!). she's also a social butterfly, loves to talk to everyone and makes friends with every kid she encounters.  child has absolutely no fear (of much).  she's freakin' awesome but of course i'm biased.  she's totally starting coming into full flower, as it were.  i can't wait to see who she becomes.

we travelled to florida the weekend of her birthday and gave her a special party at my parent's house that was attended by family (my mom and dad, pete's mom, my brothers, their wives, and kids) along with our dear friend holly and her son brosey.  a day later, peter surprised us both by orchestrating an impromptu visit to disney and epcot, poppy's first visit to both!  we stayed at the swan.  holly (a big disney fan) came along both days (the second with brosey in tow) to facilitate maximization of fun and help us see and do the most stuff possible in two days.  holly is awesome.


neither pete nor and i had been to disney since at least the late 1990s, so it was like going for the first time all over again, in a lot of ways.  so much has changed (fast passes are pretty awesome, no?!) but so much is still the same in a fun, retro sort of way.  looking forward to going back when and if life and finances allow...