i've been busy this year...

I've been busy this year...

silence doesn't equal a grinding halt to life or blogging, it really equals a lot of intense work.

seen above:  eleven quilts in various states of completion.  some completely done, right down to the binding, some just pieced tops, and everything in between.  at least three are gifts for friends and/or family.


i'm currently experiencing a major roadblock in my quilting progress; my bernina 430, which i use for almost all quilting (straight lines, with the walking foot), is experiencing technical problems.  all of a sudden, i'm getting skipped stitches.  i took it in for a service earlier in november to a chicago-area tech, but the problem persists.  i'm now reticent to use that machine at all; i'll just be wasting time picking out stitches and it's not worth the mental stress.  i might look into a new machine (another bernina, since i've got so much invested in feet/other accessories), and/or i may try working with the tech and see if the problem can be solved.  i feel like it's probably a timing issue (the needle isn't making contact with the bobbin or something) but that's a wild guess.


what's been keeping you busy lately?