scrap vomit quilt, in progress!

scrap vomit like this one from love quilting & patchwork!

the GO made cutting out all the 2.5" squares dead easy...woot!

starting a scrap vomit quilt!

first block of the scrap vomit quilt, finito!

scrap vomit quilt, in progress

scrap vomit, coming along...

for most of the last month (or so!) i've been working on a scrap vomit quilt.   it's a great way to power through one's scraps and make a fun, fairly simple quilt.  it's basically all 2" (2.5" before piecing) squares.  i was able to save a lot of time in the cutting out process by using my accuquilt GO (and later, my studio); i took the GO out to the living room along with my scrap bins and powered through a bunch of scraps whilst watching random documentaries on TV.  i then laid out each block on my cutting table and stacked them up for easy sewing.  each block is roughly 14 inches when finished.  i'm doing 49 total, so i can make a nice, big, roughly queen-sized quilt.  the "trip around the world" looking blocks are black/blue-green/orange solids (it doesn't read that way in some of the photos but it's the reality).  

i'm planning on binding it with solid black, but i have no idea what i'll put on the back...yet. this might go on our bed when it's finished.  i love the zig zag quilt we have on there now but every now and then it's nice to refresh, no?


what are you working on at the 'mo?