crazy town 70s one-patch!

70s one-patch, front

70s one-patch, back

70s one-patch, back, close-up

70s one-patch in-situ

here's another quilt finish from the spring.

the "front" is just big ole square patches, in some of my favorite fabrics.  this is the side i made first...i love the look of simple, homey, one-patch quilts, and i really loved the one i made in 2011 for poppy's bed, so i decided i'd make another one, but bigger, thinking it would or could go on pete and i's bed.

the back is where i had a bit of fun...i totally went to town with the crazy piecing (a la victoria findlay wolfe).  i like making the backs of my quilts be as interesting as the fronts.  i also have a tendency to pair a modern back with a more traditional top, and vice versa, so i can play with both aesthetics in one quilt, and maybe even make the quilt reversible.

i like it either way...with the one-patch side showing, OR the crazy pieced side!  earlier in the spring i had the crazy pieced side showing, but at the moment the one patch is showing.  i can change it when the mood strikes me!  ha!

the fun loopty loop quilting is by frank and teri karls.